The main focus of this website is aphasia resources in New York City. Recently, I was contacted by someone living in Chicago about therapy available there in Spanish. Jane Hertko, who just gradutated from an SLP program in Chicago, kindly provided us with these resources.

July 10, 2016

RIC (Rehabilitation Institute in Chicago, ranked as the #1 rehab facility in the nation), call 312-238-1000, select option 1 to arrange an appointment. I would definitely speak to someone before an appointment is made for a session. This place is very good, but also known to be pricey for certain services. I imagine they also accept insurance.

Schwab Rehabilitation Hospital has bi-lingual therapists, and offers aphasia therapy in Spanish. Doctor’s orders need to be faxed before an appointment is scheduled. The fax number is 773-762-8535.
To call to make an appointment, the number is 773-522-5870

Rush University Medical Center provides aphasia therapy in Spanish, however these sessions are conducted with an interpreter (not really ideal), though the therapist is wonderful.
Phone: 312-942-5332

Another possibility is the University of Chicago Medical Center. The main number is 773-702-1000.